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The Creative Power of the Mind: Ask the Expert

Join us for the fifth instalment of The Creative Power of the Mind - a series of events featuring a selection of creatives from artists, writers and musicians, to experts in creativity and those who make a living selling creative ideas. Each will be hosted by resilience coach, Elizabeth Lovius.

We will be joined by guest speaker Nicki Fisher from The Pret Foundation

Everyone is creative - whether they believe it or not.

Why is it that on some days the muse can find us and on others it seems we are stuck with our own version of writers block? The Creative Power of the Mind is a monthly series of talks with Elizabeth Lovius, interviewing a variety of creative guest speakers to find the true source of creative insight.

- How does the creative mind work?
- What are the blocks and limits to creativity?
- Are good ideas rationed and where do they come from?
- Can anyone be creative?
- How can you unlock your creative potential?

Elizabeth Lovius is a Leadership Coach who helps leaders access creative flow, build relationships and lead real change. She works with the game-changing universal principles of the mind that explain what makes us all tick and how we can easily access our natural resilience and creative flow. Elizabeth is an award winning facilitator, a speaker on the power of the mind and author of the creativity workbook: Facilitating Genius.